50 Rebel Women: My Inspiration

Frida drawing

Frida Kahlo has long been an inspiration to me, not just because of her wonderful art but because of the way she lived. She was in constant pain due to the traffic accident she had as a teenager but she refused to let that stop her from having a full and very adventurous life.

I started and finished this design on a picnic bench by the beach at East Coast Park in Singapore, looking out to sea and watching the palm trees sway above me.

After completing it, I had the idea to start a new project dedicated to ‘rebel women’. For the next 50 weeks I would illustrate a photograph of a woman (some well-known, some not so well-known) who had lived or was living a life of true authenticity, refusing to be categorised or labelled.

I’ve always been a feminist thanks to the fantastic example set by my mum, who was one of the first women to deliver the Springboard Women’s Assertiveness Training courses throughout the UK.

I think it’s so important, now more than ever, that young girls and women have strong female role models who can show them just what is possible in life, whatever your background and whatever adversity comes your way.

Please join me in celebrating and applauding the following 50 Rebel Women.


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